Avari by Stamina Free Motion Rower Reviews and Coupons

by Matt Wingerd on May 12, 2012

The Avari by Stamina Free Rowing Machine is considered as one of the leading seated rowing machines on the market due to its ease-of-use, and its unique, oar-like motion that provides an exceptional full body workout with very limited amount of strain on one’s muscles. It provides the exerciser the illusion of actually rowing a boat in water, and is an extremely durable piece of equipment that has been known to be able to withstand years of use, and has a capacity of about 250 pounds. Rowing has been considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises, and it is a great stepping stone for those looking to build muscle tone and size. The Avari Stamina Free Rowing Machine will allow exercisers to take full advantage of the exercise.

Avari by Stamina Free Motion Rower Coupons

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Avari by Stamina Free Motion Rower Reviews

The company, Stamina, has been known for producing exceptional gym equipment for the last two decades. Not only are the equipment built to last and made from high quality materials, but they are designed with the best workout in mind. Stamina has manufactured many highly recommended home fitness products, and they outperform the competition by providing consistent high quality products with a quality customer service support team to back the products up and provide advice and consultation.

What We Like

Ease of use: The oar-like motion of the  Avari Rowing Machine makes it one of the most ideal home fitness equipment as it is able to simulate actual rowing. It is not only designed for comfort, but also for a maximum workout that has an optimal effect on the muscles. It also is designed to have a low-impact on the muscles and joints meaning that the Rowing Machine is perfect for even beginners.

Multi-function monitor: The Stamina  Rowing Machine comes equipped with a multi-function monitor that provides information regarding stroke count per session, total stroke count on machine, calorie information, time, and performance level to help exercisers keep track of their progress and each workout session. In addition, the multi-function monitor has a scan mode that will display each option for six seconds on the screen for easy access for exercisers.

Adjustable Customizations: Different people have different performance levels, and the Avari Machine is able to cater to all of the different performance levels and capabilities that are out there. The adjustable hydraulic cylinder will allow for exercisers adjust the resistance based on their expertise, and the type of workout session that they are aiming for.

Comfort and Security: As mentioned before, this machine was built for comfort, and security. Not only does the machine have numerous paddings available to help cushion important parts and provide comfort, but the footpads have an adjustable strap that will help exercisers maintain the ideal body position that will minimize the chances of any injuries. The machine also has floor protectors that will help prevent the machine from skidding, and provide a sturdy base for the exerciser. It is considered as an ideal home fitness equipment.

Storage: Unlike other seated rowing machines, the Avari Free Motion Rowing Machine can be folded up in order to save space. It can be easily stored in small spaces after usage, and the whole set-up is rather easy to assemble, and can be done so within a short period of time. Those who do not have a set location in their home for workout purposes can easily store and assemble the machine whenever they desire a good workout.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Stamina wants to ensure that all home gym owners are satisfied with their product; thus, they have an amazing warranty that will be able to guarantee the quality of the product for long periods of time. Those who have problems with the product can easily send the product back to the manufacturer for replacement or repair.

Durability: The Stamina Avari Free Rowing Machine is constructed from steel and aluminum. Not only is it extremely sturdy, but it has been reported to be able to last for numerous years, and undergo numerous amounts of stress without breaking. It considered as one of the highest quality seated rowing machines on the market nowadays.

What We Don’t Like

Noise: While the machine has been known to be able to provide an exceptional workout, the wheels of the machine does make some noise, and those who are looking for an extremely quiet machine will want to consider the amount of noise that the Avari Free Motion Rowing Machine will make. The noise is still considered to be tolerable for most households, and not too much of a nuisance.

Battery Requirements: While this may not be a big problem, some consumers have reported that they did not appreciate the fact that the seated rowing machine operated on batteries. While the multi-function monitor is a great tool and asset for those looking to log and record their workout, the monitor requires batteries which needs to be replaced occasionally. There are some seated rowing machines that do not require batteries in order to operate.

Our Verdict

The Avari Stamina Free Rowing Machine is considered as one of the best seated rowing home fitness machines on the market due to its durability and stability. It is great for space, and can be easily assembled and disassembled. The multi-function monitor is able to provide accurate information for those who wish to log and record their workout, and it gives exercisers a good estimate in regards to the type of workout session that they just had. There are numerous different types of paddings available for the machine that will enhance its comfort level, and its adjustable customizations make the machine perfect for any type of workout session. While this Machine has been known to make some noise due to the motion of the wheels, it is a sound investment for the future and the noise is definitely worth the type of comfort that the machine is able to provide. The Avari Rowing Machine is definitely a home fitness equipment that will last, and the perfect asset for those looking to stay fit and healthy.

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